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Rome boasts the majority of well preserved ancient and medieval mosaics, more than Istanbul, Venice or Ravenna. Discover the mosaics of Santa Costanza an impressive circular basilica and mausoleum where the daughter of the emperor Constantine was buried. The IV century mosaics are probably the most beautiful in Rome composed of fruit and flowers, exotic birds, cupids and scenes of vintage. San Zenone Chapel is the most ancient Byzantine monument in Rome with breathtaking IX century mosaics. The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the 4 papal basilicas of Rome is famous for its V century mosaics of the prophets and the Childhood of Jesus. The mosaics dedicated to the Virgin Mary are signed by Torriti (end of 13th century). The medieval façade is decorated with mosaics representing the Legend of the Snow. The last floor of Palazzo Massimo (National Roman Museum) is entirely devoted to ancient mosaics from various Roman villas. San Clemente: precious gilded mosaics of the middle ages (Triumph of the Cross) . Santa Maria in Trastevere is the second most important church for mosaics after Santa Maria Maggiore with precious medieval mosaics. The ones dedicated to the Virgin are by the famous Pietro Cavallini.

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